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     The Membership Committee is pleased to announce that the past presidents who served last year are returning this year.  As in the past, each one will orient new members two months starting in July.  They are Suzanne Berger (July & Aug.); Elise Cadigan (Apr. & May); Bob Canfield (Dec. & Jan.); Mike Donnelly (Oct. & Feb.); Russ Johansson (Sept. & Jun.); and Linda Johnson (Nov. & Mar.).
     Each person brings his or her passion and expertise to the discussion of important information about what it means to be a part of Rotary International and Rockford Rotary.  The goal is to have new members believe they made a great choice in joining us and know how honored we are to be joining them. New member installation will occur the same day as orientation meetings.
     Special thanks go to Judy Cooper, club administrator; Lyn Alison, board secretary; and Dave Byrnes, club president, for their support throughout the year.
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Due to the scheduling of the Rotary International Convention in Toronto, Rockford Rotary held it's Annual Order of the Shelf meeting on June 14, 2018.  Immediate Past President Linda Johnson, in her last official duty, acted as Roastmaster.  She performed her duties quite well considering her what she had to wok with.  We did learn a lot about the life of Dave Byrnes and in the end it was determined that he was indeed fit to serve as the 2018-19 President of Rockford Rotary.  
Congratulations to Dave and we wish him well as he guides the club for the next 12 months.  
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Posted by Jim Coffey on Jan 20, 2018

     Beverly Ashley Broyles was born in Alameda, California and received a BA Degree in Art from San Jose State University and a MS Degree in Art Education from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.  She has lived in Eugene, Oregon; Marlow on Thames, England; Chelmsford and Concord, Massachusetts; Oak Ridge and Knoxville, Tennessee; Hallowell, Camden and Kennebunk, Maine; and now lives in Churchill’s Grove, Rockford, Illinois.    

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Posted by Jim Coffey on Jan 11, 2018
     Dr. joan e. kole brings past RI experiences to her latest role as one of our newest members.  During her tenure as a previous member, she was our club’s Youth Exchange Officer; chaired the Service Above Self Committee (mentored by Charles Holzworth); and she may also have served on a Nominating Committee.  She presented a program in conjunction with Elaine Harrington (some of you may remember Elaine) on distance learning (thank you David Byrnes) and did complete her doctoral degree work (2005 - 2009) and was awarded her Ph.D. from Union Institute & University.    
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The Club welcomed a new member at the December 21st meeting.  Her name is Brandy Lavender and was sponsored by Linda Gerber with the classification of Account Executive.  Brandy is the second new member who found us through the Internet.  Brandy is an Account Executive for Gallagher Benefit Services and is a consultant for employer sponsored health and welfare plans.  Previously, Brandy was the Office Manager for the locally founded Employers' Coalition on Health, and as an Accounts Receivable clerk for Cincinnati Tool Steel, both in Rockford.
     She graduated from Belvidere High School and attended Rockford University.  She is married to Bryant Benavides and they have two children, Michael age 10 and Stephanie age 8.  She enjoys reading novels based on historical events and people.  She loves music and comedy but mostly enjoys spending time with her family and providing her children with new and exciting experiences like Medieval Times, Legoland, and Six Flags.
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     The Club welcomed a new member at the November 16th meeting.  His name is Haddon Anderson and he was sponsored by Linda Gerber with the classification of Executive Director.  Haddon has been the Executive Director for Stateline Youth for Christ since September of 2016.  Prior to that he was the assistant varsity boys basketball coach at Rockford Lutheran High School.  He was a career coach/work-study coordinator at the Lydia Urban Academy in Rockford.  From September of 2012 to August of 2016, he was the Youth Pastor at Stonebridge Church.  From 2012 to 2014, he was a featured columnist for the Bleacher Report and was an NBA writer, specializing in coverage of the Chicago Bulls.
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