Election of Board of Directors
     The election of the Board of Directors was held at the July 9th Zoom meeting.  President Dennis with the help of our Zoom guru, Bob Canfield, was able to set up the election through Zoom.  25 members cast their votes for 4 candidates.  Unlike past elections where Lyn and Judy would go through the ballots and add up the results, President Dennis was able to see the totals as the ballots were submitted.  To quote President Dennis, "isn't it cool when technology actually works!!".  The 4 new Board members, whose terms will run from July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2022, are (in alphabetical order) Taylor Carlin, Jim Coffey, Jennifer Stark, and Hannah Warren.  
     Congratulations to the new Board members and also thank you to the other candidates who were willing to step up and help lead Rockford Rotary.  The new Board will be appointing a member to fill a 1 year term vacancy at the July Board meeting.  Our usual procedure is to ask the highest vote getter outside of the top 4 if they would be willing to serve the 1 year term. 
     Again congratulations to Taylor, Jim, Jennifer, and Hannah.