Rotary Day at the United Nations.
     All Rotarians,       
     We are pleased to announce that registration for Rotary Day at the United Nations is now open.
     To register, please visit         
     Saturday, November 9, 2019 Rotary Day at the UN honors the relationship between the United Nations and Rotary International as we celebrate our 75th year of working together. It will be an experience that you will not want to miss.
     Tickets are $75 each and going fast as less than 1,000 Rotarians from around the globe can attend.
     The 2019 UN Day Program can be viewed online, as well as the new policies, restrictions (no admissions under 18years old) and security requirements for admission.
     Also, join Rotarians On the Plaza at the Today Show on Friday November 8th at 6am, where we will celebrate our 75th anniversary with the UN, our successes toward eradicating polio, and wave to our family and friends. Wear a polio shirt, a Rotary Hat or bring a colorful sign. There’s no cost for being on TV, except less sleep on November 8.  Completing a quick RSVP is required and found on the Today Show website. (Today Show live)
     If you’re planning to attend The Today Show in November 8, please email PDG Elise Cadigan
     Hope to see you in NYC!