Police and Fire Chief Selection Process
     Dr Rudy Valdez currently works at Kaney Inc. as Engineering Manager and Product Leader. His technical, managerial, and leadership experience spanned over 40 years, most were at Hamilton Sundstrand.
     Rudy’s educational background includes a BS in Chemical Engineering, an MBA, and a Doctor of Management (DM) in Organizational Leadership. He is certified in manufacturing management, earned Chief School Business Official administration credentials for Illinois school districts, and passed the Illinois schools’ superintendent exam.
     Much of his career was as program manager working on NASA projects, such as the Space Shuttle and International Space Station. Rudy was also director of operations for seven domestic operations facilities supporting the US Space Program and was general manager of UTC Engine & Control System Asia programs.
     Rudy has been fortunate to have received many awards for community service including the Excalibur and Jefferson awards in 2013. He also received the Rotary Service Above Self award.
     Rudy is a member of many boards and committees. The Fire and Police Commission, which is one of them, is the topic for the presentation today. Rudy will describe the process used to select the new Rockford Fire and Police Chiefs. This is the first time that both positions have been vacant at the same time.
     Rudy will talk about the selection process and give us an insight as to what the Fire and Police Commission is looking for in these new leaders.  Another interesting and informative program, one that you will want to bring a guest or prospective member.  Linda Niemiec will introduce our speaker and act as Rotary host.