On Our Way to and from Truth
     Matthew Flamm is Professor of Philosophy at Rockford University. He has taught introductory and upper level undergraduate courses for sixteen years at RU, and published several articles in journals and book chapters, mostly discussing the thought of Classical American philosopher George Santayana.
     Recently he co-authored (with three colleagues from RU, Professors John Burns, William Gahan, and Stephanie Quinn) *The Quarrel Between Poetry and Philosophy*, Routledge Focus, 2021.
     "On Our Way to and from Truth" will be geared to a general audience and not a college Philosophy lecture.  He plans on moving back and forth between commentary on our cultural attitudes towards truth and the attitudes prevailing in Western philosophy since Plato.
     This will be a change of pace for our programs and will be an opportunity to invite a guest or prospective member.  You can do this by inviting them to attend in person at Memorial Hall or forward them the Zoom invite information (which does not change BTW).  Eric Fulcomer will introduce our presenter and act as Rotary host.