Thayer Energy Solutions, in Rockford, serves both the residential and commercial markets, including auto dealerships.
Dan Brzozowski, GM at Anderson BMW/Mazda Crystal Lake (left) is seen here with Chuck Meyers, EVC specialist at Thayer Energy Solutions.
Is There an Electric Car in  Your Future? 
     For years, electric vehicles were said to be just around the corner. Now, they’re here, moving from niche to mainstream, with their listen-or-you’ll-miss-it, and with no need for gas, oil changes or emissions tests ever. again.  The revolution is happening in a time of high gas prices and amid worries about stable energy sources fueled by the war in Ukraine.
      Chuck Meyers, Electric Vehicle Specialist for Thayer Energy Solutions. He will shed some light to get you plugged in with the upcoming technology on electric vehicles (EV’S) and the charging networks powering our nation. for the home and/or workplace.
      Chuck will talk about the (EV) and (EVC) industry to discuss the advancements in technology, range anxiety, chargers in America, cost, performance, & environmental benefits as well as exciting new electric vehicle models rolling out today.  Get ready to be plugged in! 
     Chuck has proudly served in the local fire service for 18 years as an Illinois Office of the State Fire Marshal Fire Investigator & Fire Inspector. With a passion for Emergency Preparedness and Business Continuity Planning.  
     Chuck has various certifications from IEMA, FEMA, and Homeland Security and enjoys planning for the mindset of what could go wrong and making decisions to never have to be in a bad situation!
     Mitigating issues from cyber security & electrical safety allows Chuck to sleep easy at night.  As being a Rockford Chamber –2015 Leadership Rockford Moderator – networking to the extreme is his flavor of choice!
     Chuck has immersed himself in the revolution of (EV’S) and the charging networks behind them!
     You will be educated and can ask questions at the end of this presentation.
     This will be an interesting and informative program and one to invite a prospective member or guest to join us at Memorial or via zoom.  Mary Ann Norwood will introduce our presenter and act as Rotary host.