Update from Allan Geddes
     This is a message from Allan Geddes, who is our longest serving Rotarian since May of 1957:
     Glad to hear from you, Jim. Yes, I qualify as an "Old" Rotarian. I joined Rockford Rotary in May of 1957 as an Additional Active, sponsored by my father, Leslie. In a weak moment, the club elected me president in 1968. The club survived.
     Business transfer took me to Bloomfield Hills, MI where I was a "casual" member of that club until I retired. In retirement, wife Shirley and I moved to Williamsburg, VA where the local Rotary viewed me with suspicion. (justified). As a result, I led the founding of a new Rotary Club serving as the first president of James City County Rotary. I am proud that this club has done well over the years.
     Me? I served as DG of this district (7600) in 1993 and then retired to "the shelf".
     It has been a good run which I have appreciated.
     With your permission, I would like to stay in touch - Allan