Cuba Revisited!
     Stanley Campbell, Executive Director of Rockford Urban Ministries, will share his recent mission trips to Cuba.
     Stanley Campbell was hired in 1985 as director of Rockford Urban Ministries, an outreach of 20+ United Methodist congregations, supported by the Northern Illinois Conference.  Sometimes called "The only paid peace activist in Rockford Illinois", he is happy to have a career that lets him do what he loves: peace and justice work for the Lord.
     Stanley says "as a Vietnam veteran, that's where I learned to hate war and love peace.  Upon my return home, I marched with other veterans against the war."  Along time Rockford resident, he found healing by helping others, and established the Rock Valley food pantry after graduating from Rock Valley College in 1976.
     Since being hired by RUN (as it is affectionately known), Mr. Campbell started non-profit organizations including JustGoods fair trade market, Rockford Work Camps, and the Harm Reduction Outreach, a needle exchange and counseling program to IV drugs users and street sex providers (which is no longer in operations).
     RUM moved to Seventh Street in Rockford and established a "shalom zone" o put ever diminishing resources into one area.  Helping the local non-profits, primarily Zion Development, RUM brought in work crews, helped shut down bars and liquor establishments, and founded a fair trade store.  A wind generator now graces the building, thanks to the generosity of individuals and churches throughout the Northern Illinoi Conference.
     The RUM office is at 201 Seventh Street, where Mr. Campbell is waiting to help you discover God's Love through mission and ministry.  He speaks out against war, urban sprawl the treating the poor poorly.  He speaks in favor of helping those less fortunate, for safer communities, and getting involved in mission and peace issues.
     This will be a most interesting and informative program and an excellent chance to bring a guest or prospective member.  Alan Gibby will introduce our presenter and act as Rotary host.