October 1, 2020
     Dave Byrnes started with the museum in 1999 and worked to create the best history museum in the area.  Dave helped grow World War II Days to become one of the largest military re-enactments of its kind in the country. The event relates the importance of World War II to Rockford history.
     “David’s contributions extend beyond managing a large campus institution,” said Karl Jacobs, a long-time Board Member, and former President of Rock Valley College. “He brought to us a deep understanding of what the past means to a community. With the rapidity of change today the need of a leader such as David Byrnes is more evident in defining our future.”
     The museum says Byrnes hired professional, competent staff who completely organized and cataloged the extensive collection of the museum and has begun the process of digitizing it.  The museum has more than 150,000 artifacts all related to Rockford history and one of the largest and most comprehensive textile collections in the Northern Illinois region. Over time, Midway Village Museum has won more than 25 local, state and national awards for programs and services.
     “All non-profit organizations have financial restrictions,” said Nancy Bloomstrand, who was on the board at the time David began his career at the museum and subsequently volunteered on the board for more than 25 years. “David has worked hard to make the museum as financially stable as possible with donations, grants, endowments as well as membership and fees for events.”
     Dave also proposed an exhibit to build on the diversity of the community, called “Many People, One Community” that is an outstanding informative and interactive exhibit.
     With 21 buildings on the property, there are many different opportunities for a variety of organizations, families and businesses to learn about the Rockford area. He has created a large rental department for weddings and family and business events.
     He strategically moved the marketing and development areas forward creating formalized professionally-managed programs in those areas.
     Dave has made Midway Village into one of the Rockford areas prime destination exhibits and has earned a place in the recreation of Rockford's History.  Rockford Rotary congratulates Dave on his accomplishments and wish him well in his retirement.  We also congratulate him on his leadership of Rockford Rotary.