November 12th Program
     The November 12th program will feature General John Borling.  The General has been a featured speaker at Rockford Rotary a number of times and his programs are always interesting and thought provoking.  He will present a program in conjunction with Veteran's Day.
     John Borling chairs the Business Board and is a Director/Investor in Synthonics (, a specialty pharmaceutical company exploiting a patented, platform chemistry that markedly improves performance of existing and pipeline drugs. He is a poet/author/columnist whose book ‘Taps on the Walls’ received national attention (  His weekly, Sunday column, The Third Degree, summons thought and action necessary for individual and societal renewal.
     He continues support of and association with the Pritzker Military Museum and Library. His on line Gettysburg address oration and contribution to the acclaimed anthology, ‘Gettysburg Replies’ continues emphasis on formative America history.  He was narrator and executive producer for a 2016 CD ‘Old War Poems’ featuring original music and selected Walt Whitman verse.  It had a full orchestra world premiere in November 2018 at the venerable Coronado Theatre in Rockford, Illinois with attendant DVD.
     An on screen, political and military commentator for the former Touch Vision TV, he is an ‘in demand’ speaker on many subjects and platforms across the country.
General Borling founded and chairs SOS America (Service Over Self), a patriotic, membership organization advocating a year of military service for America’s young people age 18-25. It champions nation building in America.  Previously, as CEO of Chicago’s United Way he was credited with a rebound of interest and annual campaign success exceeding 95 million dollars.
     In 2004 and 2006, maintaining that America needs an empowered, political middle, he was unsuccessful in quests for the U.S. Senate and Congress—obviously a better fighter pilot than a politician. 
     A native, South Side, Chicagoan (White Sox fan), his military career spanned 37 years. A highly decorated officer, his many awards include: The Silver Star, Two Distinguished Flying Crosses, Three Bronze Stars with V for Valor and Two Purple Hearts.  He was an F-15 Eagle fighter pilot and commander of the famed “Hat in the Ring” squadron. He was an Air Division commander at Minot AFB, ND and Head of Operations for Strategic Air Command (SAC) in Omaha. In that position, he directed SAC’s support of hostilities in the first Gulf War and Panama and was charged with execution responsibilities for the nation’s nuclear war plan. At the Pentagon, he led CHECKMATE, a highly classified war fighting think tank and was Director of Air Force Operational Requirements helping initiate a new family of guided weapons. In Germany, he commanded the largest fighter and support base outside the United States and later served at NATO’s Supreme Headquarters in Belgium working directly for the Supreme Commander and Chief of Staff. He was central to the creation of HQ North in Norway and served as Chief of Staff of that integrated NATO/National command and senior American military representative in Scandinavia.  He has piloted many aircraft including, the F16 Viper, F4 Phantom, the SR71 Blackbird, the U-2, and B-52 and B-1 bombers. During the Vietnam War, he was shot down by ground fire. Seriously injured and captured while trying to evade, he spent 6½ years as a POW in Hanoi. 
     General Borling is a graduate of the Air Force Academy, The National War College and executive education at the JFK and Business Schools at Harvard.  He was a White House Fellow and, later, treasurer and director of the governing foundation and for many years a regional selection panel member.  
     Current Civic activities include: Life Member, The Commercial Club of Chicago, former Trustee and Regent, The Lincoln Academy of Illinois (Civic Committee Chairman, 2018 Convocation, Rockford, Illinois), Illinois Aviation Hall of Fame, Vice Chairman, Maine Military Museum Advisory Board, Who’s Who in America and numerous other local and national organizations.
     He is married to, Myrna, his high school sweetheart. They live in Rockford, Illinois enjoying a 100 year old, home on the river. They have two adult daughters. 
     General Borling always presents an interesting and thought provoking program and we are sure that he will not disappoint us this week.  Paul Logli, his next door neighbor, will introduce our presenter and act as Rotary host (as much as one can be a host in a Zoom Meeting.  We would encourage all of our members to join us for this Zoom meeting and forward the Zoom information to your friends and prospective members so that they can also enjoy this program.