Thursday Lunch Trial
At our Club Assembly we discussed lunch options. 
For the next 2 weeks we will be trying Jimmy Johns. 
The Jimmy John's menu is attached. 
My reasons for checking them out were:
*They are downtown and we want to support those struggling businesses. 
*We can eliminate Judy as the middle "man".
*You will have more choices and can meet your dietary needs.
* We don't have to have a minimum number of orders.
* I'd like to invite the franchise owner to attend a meeting and perhaps land a new member.
In the meantime, the Rundquists will check out the U Club.  They will provide more information at our next meeting.  
JIMMY JOHNS 308 E. STATE ST       815-977-5372
Order on-line:
- follow instructions
- you want store #3897 at 308 E. State St.
- it appears to be easier to set up an account and then you just log in on
- the delivery location is 211 N. Main St.
- Under Business Name, put Rockford Rotary - Memorial Hall
- Delivery time is 11:45 AM
1. You may call in your order or make it on-line.   
2. You will be able to place your personal order and pay for it using your credit card.
3. The delivery location is 211 N. Main St.
     Business Name, Rockford Rotary - Memorial Hall
     Delivery time is 11:45 AM
4. Your lunch will be delivered to Memorial Hall by 11:45 am on Thursday.  It will be in a bag with your name and receipt attached.
5. They have vegetarian and vegan offerings.
As a side note:   I ordered the "Unwich" last Thursday after our meeting.  It is a lettuce wrap (iceberg lettuce) that has everything you want.  Mine was delicious. Will definitely order again soon.
If you have any questions, contact Jim Coffey at or Linda Johnson at 
Linda Johnson