Rockford Rotary's Book Fair
On Saturday, October 26th, we are having On Saturday, October 26th we are having a book fair at Barnes and Noble as a fundraiser for Rockford Reads. We will get a certain percentage back in the way of gift cards that we can then use to purchase books for students who are part of Rockford Reads.  If we make enough, we would really like to purchase a book for every 2nd grader in RPS 205. 
     Attached please find the voucher to use either in the store on the day of the book fair or on-line.  You can purchase on-line with the voucher starting October 26 until October 31 and we will get that credit.
     We have several celebrity guest readers lined up to read to children that day at the book fair.  We will also be raffling off some items at 4:00 that day at Barnes and Noble.  We would love to have you join us.  Either way, please support this program by purchasing books, etc. on October 26th. 
     Please also share copies of the voucher with friends and family.  This would be an excellent time to do some early Christmas shopping.
Thanks for your support.
Kathy Kwiat-Hess