Stateline School Supply Giveaway
     On Saturday   Saturday. August 8th, saw Rockford Rotary at it's finest. It was a beautiful day and kids from all over the area showed up to pick up free school supplies for the upcoming school year.         
     Rockford Rotary had kicked in $500 towards the effort and our membership answered the call for volunteers. It was truly Service above Self.
     Members who worked include:
               Patti Bigger (Satellite)
               Bev Broyles
               Taylor Carlin
               Bill Coller
               Jerry Egileske
               Alan Gibby
               Warren Henke
               Dennis Horton
               Kathy Kwiat-Hess
               Doug Mark
               Tom Michalowski
               Jim Nelson
               Linda Niemic
               Becky Rundquist
               Jessica Story (and her husband)
               Loves Park Rotary was also well represented.
     Thank you all for showing up when asked. We can all be proud. We also had a good time and spent some quality time together.
     Jim Nelson