Bye Bye Dennis            Hello Hannah
                Roast Master Alan
2021 Order of the Shelf
     The program committee has decided to make a few changes to the traditional "Order of the Shelf" program.  Instead of "welcoming" the incoming President with some fun, the committee decided to actually put President Dennis "On the Shelf".  This has obviously been a unique year and we felt that he deserved a proper "shelving".
     Past President Alan Gibby will have the honor of conducting the "shelving" of Dennis in a "dignified and appropriate" manner, whatever that is going to entail.  Alan has promised a "fun-filled" event that our members will not want to miss.
     You can attend in person at Memorial Hall or via Zoom.  We are also doing away with the "members only" rule, so this would be an excellent opportunity to invite a guest or prospective member and show them that Rotarians can have "fun" as in our 5th part of the "Four Way Test.