GreenTown Rockford
     Since it's inception in 2007 in Oak Park, IL, GreenTown has been a leader in helping communities take actionable steps to address climate change, economic development, and social equity.  Rockford will become the 13th community to join GreenTown, as we work together to build a healthy, sustainable community.
      Brad Roos is a Rockford native with bachelors and masters degrees in Chemistry from the University of Illinois/Champaign-Urbana where he then taught high school Chemistry, Math and Environmental Studies. 
     For more than 40 years Brad has been doing neighborhood and community development work with most of his work focused on affordable housing development incorporating sustainable building design elements. He has also served in leadership and consulting roles in the Rockford area and in Illinois, Ohio, Minnesota and Washington State. 
     In 2018 he led a group that founded Sustain Rockford, Inc. – a nonprofit serving the Rockford region.  He now serves as its President.
     Brad will discuss the GreenTown concept and some of the plans for Rockford GreenTown.  
     This will be an excellent opportunity to bring a guest or prospective member.  Mary Ann Norwood will introduce our presenter and act as Rotary host.