Note From Dick Leighton
The following is a note from Dick Leighton:
Dear Linda,
I'm still basking in the great memories of our Celebration last Thursday.
I want to thank our Club for all the 50-year benefits you've granted me, as if the weekly fellowship benefits haven't been enough. First of all, having a Celebration of 50+ years is fabulous. That, on top of no dues after 50 years, was plenty of benefit.
But, no, you had to add to that a free lunch for me and my daughter; a Mayoral Proclamation,; a framed certificate from the Club; a $500 gift in my honor to the Rotary Foundation; having Paul Logli as MC (Paul is my favorite MC in town!); and a turnout of over 50 members (Wow!).
Could it be that this was a visible incentive for all of our members to remain in the Club for 50 years?
Again, many thanks.