The ShotSpotter Flex system provides law enforcement agencies with information that helps them respond to, police, and prosecute gun related crimes.  It is a proven tool in helping to fight and reduce gun violence.  The ShotSpotter system has been deployed in over 75 cities both domestically and internationally.  On average, less than 20% of actual gunfire incidents are reported to 911 alone.  The ShotSpotter system guarantees at least 80% detection of normally occurring gunfire within coverage areas targeted by law enforcement agencies.
     The ShotSpotter Flex system is comprised of an array of acoustic sensors that work together in detecting and locating gunfire.  These acoustic sensors report their data to an offsite computer serve.  Law enforcement and 9111 dispatchers receive an incident alert within seconds of the actual gunfire event, giving them both the time and location of the event.
     The acoustic sensors must be mounted in various locations throughout the designated coverage area.  Mounting assets include privately owned buildings, structures and utility poles.
     John Risenhoover, who is Director of Customer Success for ShotSpotter and Douglas Pann, who is Assistant Deputy Chief for the Rockford Police Department will be our presenters.  They will talk about how the system works and how effective it has been here in the City of Rockford.
     This will be a most informative and interesting program and an excellent opportunity to bring a guest or prospective member.  Pete Rundquist will introduce our presenters and act as Rotary Host.