What in the World is Going on?
     Ben Healy was an attorney who retired in 2003 and then did some Board Memberships on various charities for a few years. I then began attending classes at Rock Valley’s CLR (Center for Learning in Retirement).
     I started leading a class, which I labeled “What In The World Is Going On”. It is a class, Socratic in approach (I ask questions about articles from journals and papers , and other sources) and Orwellian in analysis. The goal is to get people to examine events from all sides….and maybe, just maybe, change their original opinions.
     Our topic will be for you to craft a two sentence summary of what your commencement address would be to this May’s graduating class from Rockford University (no F’s for those who would rather just listen.)
      This will be a most unusual program, especially since it comes right after we tried to find Truth last week with Dr. Flamm from Rockford University.  This will be an opportunity to invite a guest or prospective member.  You can do this by inviting them to join us in person at Memorial Hall or forward them the Zoom meeting information (which does not change from week to week).  Linda Niemiec will introduce our presenter.