Guatemala Literacy Project
Dear Alan,
     My name is Jim Hunt and I am a past District Governor and member of the Rotary Club of Ohio Pathways (D-6600). Joe Berninger, founder of the Guatemala Literacy Project (GLP), and I are organizing Rotary service trips to Guatemala and we are looking for interested Rotarians.                                               
     The GLP is the largest grassroots, multiclub, multi-district effort in the Rotary world not directed by RI itself and—according to former RI President Ian Riseley—the “gold standard” of Rotary projects. Over 600 Rotary clubs from 8 countries have participated in the GLP since its inception in 1996. GLP Textbook, Computer, Teacher Training, and Youth Development programs.
     Guatemala Literacy Project (GLP)   Rotary eClub of Ohio Pathways 2300 Montana Avenue, Suite 301 Cincinnati, OH 45211 (513) 661-7000
currently serve more than 50,000 impoverished children.
     And we need Rotarians to join the following service trips to Guatemala:
          Feb 1-9, 2020
          Feb 18-23, 2020
          July 12-18, 2020
          July 21-26, 2020
     These trips offer a variety of experiences: some are longer or shorter; some more hands-on; yet all give you the opportunity to serve as a meaningful part of Rotary’s work fighting poverty in Guatemala. Please visit the project’s website for more details.
     Could you also share this opportunity with members of your club?
     If you have any questions, you can email Joe at
     Yours in Rotary Service,
     Jim Hunt, PDG  Rotary Club of Ohio Pathways (D-6600)
     Joe Berninger Guatemala Literacy Project (GLP)  Rotary Club of Ohio Pathways (D-6600)
     P.S. Check out this heartwarming blog post about other Rotarians in action!