Sing-A-Long With Ron Holm
     Our December 19th program featured local troubadour, Ron Holm, who entertained us with a few of his favorite Roy Orbison songs before leading us in a few Christmas songs.  We probably could have sung a few more, but our regular meeting ran a little long and Beverly insisted that we had to sing the entire "12 Days of Christmas" which took a few minutes.  We actually did quite well singing a cappella with Ron leading us and keeping us in tune.  Who needs a piano to sing?
     Prior to the Sing-A-Long, we had a secret ballot to decide who wore the most festive clothing.  Jim Nelson tried his best Rudolph imitation with a red nose, but in the end Linda Niemiec was the winner with her sweater and Christmas lights for a necklace.  Congratulations to Linda who won a Flower Plant (or something) for her effort.
     Thank you to Beverly for putting together a very festive program.  And for those of you who will be in the Churchill's Grove area on Saturday, December 21, 2019 in the afternoon, stop by 218 Churchill St. and enjoy her open house!!!