World Series of Giving
Trivia Contest
     Your Rotary Foundation World Series of Giving team is providing each club with a Baseball Trivia question (and answer) for you to publish in your next issue of your club bulletin / newsletter.  Please publish only the question and invite club members to respond to whomever you designate, with the first correct respondent receiving 100 PHF points from your club. 
     This contest is designed to help encourage your club members to read your bulletin / newsletter and stay engaged with helping your club maximize it's Foundation Giving over this Rotary year.
     Here is this month's question.  Email or text your answer to Linda Johnson - :
4).  He could play first base capably, though they mostly put him in the outfield.  (Begin ominous music…).  He was a solid hitter, with sneaky power, and a knack for hitting home runs in the clutch; just ask the White Sox.  He loved “Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery.”  And his misplay caused Cub broadcaster Ron Santo to emit the anguished words “OH NO” from the darkest recesses of the soul one September day in 1998.  Who is he?