Title of the Presentation:
How Being Part of History Turned into a Memoir
Engaging, Informative, Humorous and at Times Poignant.
By: Angelica “Angel” Pilato, Lt. Col. USAF (Ret.), Ph.D.
         Lt. Col. Pilato takes you back to the Sixties, one of the most turbulent times in modern history.  An unpopular war is raging, students are protesting, black neighborhoods are on fire, and women are demanding equality. Angel tells how these events affected her and her decision to join the Air Force.
As the first woman Air Force officer assigned to manage an Officers’ Club* and the first to run one on a fighter pilot base in Southeast Asia, she gives a unique perspective of the war.
In her memoir Angel’s Truck Stop, A Woman’s Love, Laughter, and Loss during the Vietnam War she recounts starting out as a starry-eyed idealist only to realize that she’s going to have to learn how to manage the conflicts, challenges and choices she faces in her trailblazing position.
Her last assignment in 1971 at Udorn Air Base, Thailand is where she encounters testosterone-fueled fighter pilots who take off on sorties over dangerous targets in North Vietnam.  To celebrate their aerial victories the pilots drive their squadron truck into the Officers’ Club lobby and then head to the bar to drink ‘til dawn.  They soon christen the O-Club “Angel’s Truck Stop” that becomes the backdrop for her authentic war story.
*An Officers’ Club is like a country club, where officers and their families came to enjoy, food, drink and entertainment.
Some Reviews from more than 225 presentations:
         “Angel’s presentation about history, her personal story, and her decision to write her memoir were inspiring.  Her candid style, genuine commentary, and obvious respect and passion for her fellow service men and women impacted all of our Rotarians and guests. Our members left feeling rejuvenated about our country, impressed with her, and amused by her personal speaking style.”
        —Dick Wingard, Past President, The Rotary Club of Portland
“Angel was among the top speakers I’ve heard at our Rotary, and I’ve been in Rotary 26 years!  Her talk was entertaining, informative, humorous, serious & very refreshing.  She was a joy! “
Robert Kasavan, Salinas, California Rotarian
“Angel engages her audience with stories from an era that few are familiar with and many want to forget.  I was one of the fighter pilots that frequented her Truck Stop in Southeast Asia and I can vouch for her authenticity.”
Joe Kittinger, Colonel, USAF, (Ret.)
 Former Squadron Commander, 555 Tactical Fighter Squadron, “Triple Nickel”
About the Author:  Angelica ‘Angel’ Pilato, Lt. Col. USAF (Ret.), Ph.D.
           Dr. Pilato served more than five and a half years on active duty in the United States, Europe and Southeast Asia.  After Angel returned to civilian life she transitioned to the Air Force Reserve as a training specialist and retired as a Lieutenant Colonel.
 Born in Rochester, New York, she earned her Bachelor of Science in Food Management from the Rochester Institute of Technology and her doctorate on an EPDA Fellowship from Oregon State University. She has held management positions at a Fortune 500 company, a top-10 Northwest University, was a teacher at a vocational school and an adjunct professor a several universities. Her last position before retiring to complete her memoir was at the Meals-On-Wheels People as Donor Relations Director. Angel is a Rotarian, a Paul Harris Fellow, a Life Member of Veteran of Foreign Wars and Red River Fighter Pilots Assoc. (River Rats) and a private pilot. She has given this talk all over the country: WA-CA-TX-NM-AZ-GA-MD-DE-NY.  She resides in Lake Oswego, Oregon.
I’m Confident the Rotarians Will Enjoy the Presentation!