Beer History and Brewing Process
     Dave Hertzing is an assistant brewer at Prairie Street Brewing Company in Rockford.  For five years, he has worked to improve processes and quality in the ever changing world of craft beer.
     Dave returned to Rockford in 2016 after completing a Bachelor's Degree in Microbiology from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale.
     Dave will begin by discussing the intriguing history of beer.  He will highlight some of the important technological advancements that humankind's desire to consume this marvelous elixir that has been produced.  The presentation will also include a brief synopsis of the brewing process.  Please, grab your favorite beer and join us.
     This will be a fun program and should also be a learning process.  It will also be an excellent opportunity to invite a guest or prospective member.  You can do this by forwarding the Zoom Meeting information to them.  Pete Rundquist will introduce our presenter.