Framing Hope 2019
     We are looking for 6 to 8 Rockford Rotarians to form a team for this event.  The event is 4/13/19 from 9:00 AM through lunch.  The team will work wit a house leader to build walls for the house for which Pete Rundquist is a leader.  The event is in the Rockford Home Depot parking lot and we suggest you arrive about 8:45.  It is a fun event!  Here is a link to register:
     Rockford Area Habitat for Humanity is thrilled to host the third annual Framing Hope event.  At this event, we welcome our entire community to partner with us to build the walls of a home in the parking lot of Home Depot.  These walls will ultimately become the frame for one of our 2019 summer builds, which, once completed, will become a life-changing hoe for  family in need of safe, affordable housing.
     Rockford Area Habitat for Humanity invites you to join us for this fun, impactful day to make a meaningful difference in our community.  By participating in this event, you will help Rockford Area Habitat for Humanity raise visible support for our program while experiencing the rewarding feeling of building something tangible with your own two hands.