Family Peace Center
     Megan Brechon is Client Services Manager at the Rockford Family Peace Center under the City of Rockford’s ICJIA Multi-Victimization grant award and has held that role since February 2021.           Previously, she was the Executive Director at Children’s Safe Harbor, Inc., the regions only safe child exchange and supervised visitation program, and served in that role for 5 years. Prior to that she worked at Remedies Renewing Lives in a number of capacities, including Health Care Advocate, Residential Coordinator, Victim Advocate and Partner Abuse Intervention Program Co-Facilitator. Megan has worked in the field of domestic violence for over 12 years in the Rockford area and has experience with both adult and child victims as well as perpetrators. 
    In January 2014, Megan received her Illinois Domestic Violence Professional Certification, and has additional certifications required to implement partner abuse programming. She has recently been called upon to provide expert testimony in court cases where there has been a history of domestic violence and was invited by the Center for Court Innovation to participate in a round table discussion on domestic violence victims in the context of supervised visitation.
    She is often asked to provide community presentations and educational seminars on a variety of topics related to domestic violence, including DV 101, DV 201, the effects of domestic violence on children, trauma and post separation violence and abuse.
     Megan is a graduate of Rockford University, majoring in Anthropology/Sociology and has previous education in Criminal Justice.
     Megan will talk about the history of the Family Peace Center and give us an overview of the services the Center offers.  This will be an interesting and informative program about an important organization in our community.  This will be an excellent opportunity to bring a guest or prospective member either in person at Memorial Hall or via zoom.  Jim Coffey will introduce our presenter and act as Rotary host.