Posted on Feb 05, 2021


     Our goal for the Rotary International Foundation giving for the 2020-21 year are $20,000.    So far our members have contributed $18,445 which is 92.2% of our goal. 
     To date, 44 members have contributed to the Foundation out of our total membership of 100 for 44%.  Our goal is to have 100% participation from our members.
     Congratulations and thank you to  Patti Bigger, Phil Eaton and Don Kinney for being the latest members to contribute to the Rotary International Foundation
     Congratulations and thank you to the following members who previously contributed to this year's campaign.
  Lyn Allison                Suzanne Berger
  Elaine Breck              Dave Byrnes     
  Elise Cadigan            Bob Canfield 
  Taylor Carlin             Jim Coffey 
  Bill Coller                  Phil Dierstein
  Mike Donnelly          Cynthia Drollinger
  Jerry Engilske          Eric Fulcomer
  Alan Gibby               Lori Gummow
  Warren Heinke        Dennis Horton
  Wray Howard          Russ Johansson
  Linda Johnson         John Kleber
  Brian Kobischka     Kathy Kwiat-Hess
  Dick Leighton          Ruth Little
  Paul Logli                 Roger Maggio
  Doug Mark                Jim Nelson
  Linda Niemiec          Mary Ann Norwood
  Jim Powers                Bob Presman
  Becky Rundquist      Pete Rundquist
  Tom Scoville              Jeff Smith 
  Beth Thacker            Sheryl Thogerson
  John Torrence