June 17th Program
Rotary Exchange Program
     A very Happy New year to Rockford Rotary. I hope this year proves to be an amazing one for the Rotary and may this org keep striving harder to work for the betterment of people. 
     I am Shivani Rai, a 2014 former exchange student from India who had an extremely wonderful time with Rockford Rotary which never ceases to make me feel as its girl forever !  My exchange has had a great impact on me in the way that I feel more confident about myself and it shaped and broadened my global perspective too.
     I love interacting with people and now I get a better understanding of various cultures and different values around the world. RYE like it's said is a mini reflection of what this world stands for!
     That we are all the same from inside no matter where we hail from and that one doesn't need to know the native language to communicate and make everlasting  friendships!
     My interest has always been in the field of medicine and I wish to serve UNICEF in some ways one day. I am a first year medical student in India, having an interesting time understanding human physiology and learning more about the medical ethics and what a doctor stands for. 
     From not knowing what rotary is to explaining to others about it's global as well as local projects impacting many lives, I feel so proud to be a part of the Rotary family now. I am grateful to all my awesome host families and my favourite YEO , Mr. Nelson for taking care of me like their own daughter, I can never forget how welcomed I felt back in the States.
     I personally witnessed how you can always make time for social service out of your busy schedule. I know I still have lots to learn from what rotary is capable of and what I can do for others.
     Looking forward to see you and the club someday soon. 
     This will be a most interesting and informative program about not only the Youth Exchange program, but how it helped Shivani grow into her current life.  This will be a chance to invite a guest or prospective member to join our meeting.  Simply show up at Memorial Hall or forward the Zoom Meeting information to them.
     Kathy Kwiat-Hess who hosted Shivani for a few months will introduce her.
Service Above Self "Revised" Date
Service Above Self
Who:   All Rotarians, Honorees & Invited Guests
When: Thursday, August 12th
            5:00 PM - Reception
            5:30 PM - Program
Why the change:  When we scheduled the event several months ago. COVID was still prevalent; and we thought we would have a modest attendance and that we needed and outdoor space.  Since then everything has opened up, and our attendance will likely be greater than the pavilion at Womanspace allows.
New Member - Mark Baldwin
New Member - Mark Baldwin
     Mark Baldwin was executive editor of the Rockford Register Star from September 2012 until January 2021, after previously working for news organizations in Wisconsin, Kansas, Chicago, and Washington, D. C.
     He is along time member of the boards of the Associated Press Media Editors and News Leaders Association and was named GateHouse Media Editor of the Year for 2017.
     He and his wife, Sydney, are the parents of three grown daughters.
     A native of Chicago, he holds bachelor's and master's degrees in journalism from Northwestern University, though he likes to point out that he was a student there long before the Wildcats became a football power.
     Mark was sponsored by Alan Gibby  We would encourage our members to join in our weekly meetings and welcome Mark to Rockford Rotary.
June 24th Program
  Bye Bye Dennis            Hello Hannah
                Roast Master Alan
2021 Order of the Shelf
     The program committee has decided to make a few changes to the traditional "Order of the Shelf" program.  Instead of "welcoming" the incoming President with some fun, the committee decided to actually put President Dennis "On the Shelf".  This has obviously been a unique year and we felt that he deserved a proper "shelving".
     Past President Alan Gibby will have the honor of conducting the "shelving" of Dennis in a "dignified and appropriate" manner, whatever that is going to entail.  Alan has promised a "fun-filled" event that our members will not want to miss.
     You can attend in person at Memorial Hall or via Zoom.  We are also doing away with the "members only" rule, so this would be an excellent opportunity to invite a guest or prospective member and show them that Rotarians can have "fun" as in our 5th part of the "Four Way Test. 
Foundation/Polio Plus Update


     Our goal for the Rotary International Foundation giving for the 2020-21 year are $20,000.    So far our members have contributed $18,445 which is 92.2% of our goal. 
     To date, 44 members have contributed to the Foundation out of our total membership of 100 for 44%.  Our goal is to have 100% participation from our members.
     Congratulations and thank you to  Patti Bigger, Phil Eaton and Don Kinney for being the latest members to contribute to the Rotary International Foundation
     Congratulations and thank you to the following members who previously contributed to this year's campaign.
  Lyn Allison                Suzanne Berger
  Elaine Breck              Dave Byrnes     
  Elise Cadigan            Bob Canfield 
  Taylor Carlin             Jim Coffey 
  Bill Coller                  Phil Dierstein
  Mike Donnelly          Cynthia Drollinger
  Jerry Engilske          Eric Fulcomer
  Alan Gibby               Lori Gummow
  Warren Heinke        Dennis Horton
  Wray Howard          Russ Johansson
  Linda Johnson         John Kleber
  Brian Kobischka     Kathy Kwiat-Hess
  Dick Leighton          Ruth Little
  Paul Logli                 Roger Maggio
  Doug Mark                Jim Nelson
  Linda Niemiec          Mary Ann Norwood
  Jim Powers                Bob Presman
  Becky Rundquist      Pete Rundquist
  Tom Scoville              Jeff Smith 
  Beth Thacker            Sheryl Thogerson
  John Torrence
2021 Back to School Backpacks
Back to School Backpacks Project
     The 12th Annual Back to School Supply giveaway will be held at Blackhawk Park in Rockford on Saturday, August 14th
      Like last year Rockford Rotary has been asked to supply volunteers to help distribute supplies to area children.
      The event will run from 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM with shifts from 10-12 and 12-2.
      Last year 15 Rockford Rotarians (and spouses) worked the event.
     Please contact Jim Nelson to volunteer.
     Jim Nelson can be reached at 815-742-8993 or at 
     Thank you,
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June 20
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June 24
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June 23, 2005
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June 23, 2005
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May 20, 2021
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June 24, 2021
Cadigan, Elise
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