February 22nd Program
Club Assembly and Brainstorming
     The February 22nd Meeting will be a Club Assembly and Brainstorming on how to strengthen our club.  There will be no scheduled Committee meetings in February.
     We would encourage all of our members to attend and share your ideas on how to strengthen our club.  If you have attended any meetings recently you will see that our attendance is getting better but we have not gotten back to our pre-COVID attendance figures.  A wise old Rotarian once told me that once you stop attending weekly Rotary meetings, it is hard to get back into a regular schedule again.  Part of our problem was that Memorial Hall was shut down for so long and we have not recovered from that absence.  
     The other service club I belong to meets at the Hoffman House and they were only shut down for a few weeks, so we were able to start meeting again and our weekly attendance recovered quickly because members did not have time to get out of the habit of regular weekly meetings.
     So please attend either in person at Memorial Hall or via Zoom (818 6271 6717 - password 713380) and share your ideas to strengthen our club.
February 15th Meeting Recap
     Hannah Warren was our presenter at our February 15th meeting and her topic was "Newest Research in the Successful Treatment of Mental Illness".  She shared with us her personal experience of implementing metabolic treatments to put her bipolar 1 disorder into remission.  She also discussed the science of metabolic psychiatry.
     Thank you, Hannah, for sharing such personal details of your life.
     If anyone would like to learn more about metabolic psychiatry, Hannah will be happy to discuss it with you ( ).    
President's Message
President's Message
We have doubled the District Governors goal for our club!!!   
Let’s keep it going!!!
We have collected $341.00 so far which equals 4092pounds of food (NIFB gave me the figure of $1.00 equals 12 pounds of food). If you would like to help with this project, but do not attend regular meeting you can always send Monica a check (Rockford Rotary Charitable Assoc.) marked Food Drive
Save the Dates:
BOD meeting on 2/20/24 moved to Furst Staff offices
February 22 - Club Assembly and Brainstorming on strengthening our club. No scheduled Committee meetings meeting in February.
February 23 - ICE HOGS game is a go ahead
February 29 No regular Thursday club meeting!! Celebrate Jim Coffey's 21st Birthday  meet at Prairie Street at 5pm
March 1 - Wine Tasting - Artale, $20 entry - all goes to Rotary Charitable. We are looking for a couple of people to collect money at Artale that night.
March 6 - Read to the children at Constance Lane School. This is a K - 2nd grade event. March 6th at 9 am.  
If you interested you can call or email  Anita Fricks  Phone (815) 966-3380
Tuesday, April 16, University Club Guest Bartender night - all tips benefit Polio Plus
Please feel free to bring a guest to any and all the listed events - the more attend, the more possible new members and/or proceeds
     Pete Rundquist
Paul Harris Fellow +
Paul Von Driska, Paul Harris +1, District Foundation Chair Kathy Kwiat-Hess and President Pete.
Paul Harris Fellow +1
     At our February 8th meeting, our District Foundation Chair, Kathy Kwiat-Hess filled in for Rockford Rotary's Foundation Chair, Bob Canfield who was in Florida in making a Paul Harris presentation.
     She presented Paul Von Driska with his Paul Harris + 1 pin which means that Paul has contributed at least $2,000 to the Rotary International Foundation.
     As Bob and Kathy have mentioned in the past, getting a Paul Harris Fellow is just the beginning of the journey.  After the initial Paul Harris Fellow is achieved, then each additional $1,000 contributed to the RI Foundation results in a Paul Harris +1, $3,000 = Paul Harris +2, etc.
     Congratulations to Paul on his continuing support of the RI Foundation.  
Future Programs
Future Programs
02-29-24 - No Meeting
                - 5:00 PM Rotary Social - Prairie Street Brewing Company
03-07-24 - "Rockford Concerns - Finding Solutions"
                  Mayor Tom McNamara
                  Host- Pete Rundquist
03-14-24 - "Murder & Mayhem in Rockford"
                  Kathi Kresol
                  Hoat - Dave Byrnes
03-21-24 - Committee Meetings
03-28-24 - "Drugs in Our City - Are There Any Solutions?"
                  Dr. Ray Garcia
                  Host - Elise Cadigan
04-04-24 - "Plans for Our Future"
                  State Senator Steve Stadleman
                  Host - Mary Ann Norwood
04-11-24 - "Students Speak Up"
                  Rotary Academy 
                  Host - Linda Johnson
04-18-24 - "Earth Day - Protecting our Earth"
                  Josh Franks, Natural Resource Conservation Service
                  Host - TBD
04-25-24 - "Honoring Our Students"
                  High School Recognition
                  Host - Helen Hill
05-02-24 - "Rockford Rocks Sports"
                  Meet the Peaches
                  Host - Steve Malliet
05-09-24 - Committee Meetings
05-16-24 - "Rockford Rocks Sports"
                  Meet the Ice Hogs
                  Host - Steve Malliet
05-23-24 - "Rockford Rocks Sports'
                  Meet the Rivets
                  Host - Steve Malliet
05-30-24 - No Meeting
                  5:00 - Social
06-06-24 - "Rockford Rotary Welcomes Our Youth Exchange"
                  Ciara Staly
                  Host - TBD
06-13-24 - "The Norwegian - Starting a New Business in Rockford"
                  Emly Hurd
                  Host - TBD
06-20-24 - "Calm, Intelligent Helpers"
                  Bruce Erickson, 17th Judicial Circuit Therapy Dogs
                  Host - Jim Coffey
06-27-24 - "Order of the Shelf"
                  "Vetting, Selecting, Electing Our President"
                  Host - Eric Moe
Weekly RI Foundation Message
Each week we will be publishing a message from the Rotary International Foundation.  This week's message is:
When communities are affected by catastrophes, The Rotary Foundation supports relief and recovery efforts through grants from the Rotary Disaster Response Fund.
Disaster response grants of up to US$25,000 fund relief and recovery efforts in areas that have had a natural disaster within the past six months. These efforts can include providing basic items such as water, food, medicine, and clothing.
Districts that have had a disaster and are qualified to receive Rotary grants can apply for a grant to launch their own projects or work with established relief organizations.
Think about how you want to take part in grant programs. Which one interests you? 
Rotary Lunches
     Starting with our September 7th meeting, we will be having lunches at our noon meetings.  We will be starting with a package from Beef-A-Roo.  It will consist of a Wrap, salad, chips, cookie, and a soda or water.  There will bea variety of meats in the wraps.  This is a work in progress and things may change.  Lunches will start on September 7, 2023 and will be available at 11:45 AM the day of the meeting.
     PLEASE.  If you plan to bring a guest, PLEASE let us know 3 days in advance so we can make arrangements for food.  It will be your responsibility to cover the cost at $12.50 per meal.
     Pete Rundquist -
     President, Rockford Rotary
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