Club Assembly and Brainstorming
     The February 22nd Meeting will be a Club Assembly and Brainstorming on how to strengthen our club.  There will be no scheduled Committee meetings in February.
     We would encourage all of our members to attend and share your ideas on how to strengthen our club.  If you have attended any meetings recently you will see that our attendance is getting better but we have not gotten back to our pre-COVID attendance figures.  A wise old Rotarian once told me that once you stop attending weekly Rotary meetings, it is hard to get back into a regular schedule again.  Part of our problem was that Memorial Hall was shut down for so long and we have not recovered from that absence.  
     The other service club I belong to meets at the Hoffman House and they were only shut down for a few weeks, so we were able to start meeting again and our weekly attendance recovered quickly because members did not have time to get out of the habit of regular weekly meetings.
     So please attend either in person at Memorial Hall or via Zoom (818 6271 6717 - password 713380) and share your ideas to strengthen our club.