Feb 01, 2018
Kevin Thomas
Mt. Zion After School Program

Kevin Thomas coordinates the Mt. Zion After School Program, a neighborhood based program housed in the Mt. Zion Baptist Church, just 2 blocks north of the Rotary Labyrinth on N. Avon St. The After School Program works with student from K-8 on math and reading skills, while providing meals, recreation and, when needed, transportation.  Mt. Zion was central in launching the Zion West Neighborhood Association, which is part of the West Gateway Coalition.  

In April of 2017, Rockford Rotary became aware of the After School Program through the West Gateway Coalition, working with Kevin and other Mt. Zion staff, the club developed a district grant application, to supply three classrooms with furniture.  The club committed up to $4,000 and requested the maximum $2,000 from the district.  This grant was approved and the club proved the program with not only three classrooms with furniture, but was also able to provide three flat screen computer monitors.  

Kevin will provide the club with information about the program and Zion West Neighborhood Association activities.