Rockford Aerospace: A Place to Grow
Feb 15, 2018
Jeff Kaney, CEO, Kaney Aerospace, Inc.
Rockford Aerospace: A Place to Grow

Jeff began flying at 8-years old sitting on his father's lap.  He began flying lessons four years later and at 19, he became a flight instructor while going to college.  Kaney's love flying took him into the U.S. Air Force for a decade and then into commercial flying with an international airline. So it is not surprising that when Kaney began to look for another challenge it was focused around aviation.

Starting with an empty hangar with no other employees, Jeff founded Kaney Aerospace, a Rockford-based company that specializes in engineering, manufacturing, assembly and testing of aerospace systems and components.  Today, Kaney Aerospace is housed in a 19,000-saure-foot space with 65 employees.  The company has satellite offices in Seattle; Dayton, Ohio; and England, with customers that  include Boeing, Embraer, GE Aviation, UTC Aerospace and Woodward, just to name a few.  Kaney Aerospace also takes advantage of the engineering and manufacturing expertise found in the surrounding communities.

As a member of the RAEDC, Jeff was instrumental in initiating the Rockford Area Aerospace Network (RAAN) a consortium of companies implementing a strategic plan to increase the competitiveness of the Rockford Region for aeropspace expansion and attraction.