Apr 26, 2018
Kyle Saunders and Seth Gronewold
Water: Using Date-Driven Decision Making Tools to Meet the Future Needs

Parts of the Rockford's water system is nearing over century in age; and provides 18 million gallons of clean water daily to customers. Improving the water infrastructure while insuring a safe and adequate supply is not without challenge.  For years, Fehr Graham and the City of Rockford Water Division had a proven public-private partnership on the repair of the water infrastructure.  But now the focus is on developing a forward-thinking and fiscally responsible water infrastructure investment program for the future. In addition, this partnership is tasked with finding ways to improve infrastructure using cost-saving measures, such as data-driven decisions to prioritize projects and creative designs to minimize impact on residents.

Kyle Saunders, the watersuperintendent for the City of Rockford, and Seth Gronewold, a professional engineer with Fehr Graham, will help us understand the infrastructure needed to insure clean water and the benefits of the this partnership for Rockford residents.