Halfway through our Rotary year is a good time to express our appreciation to the new members and their sponsors who are expanding our club and its service to others.  Just a reminder that our new members are wearing red Rotary name badges until each person has completed a few requirements that are designed to acclimate everyone to Rotary as quickly as possible.  Upon completion of these requirements, each new member will receive the customary blue badge.
     We ask the sponsors to assist their new member(s) in completing the red badge program soon so that the temporary red badges can be re-issued to future new members hopefully joining us in the new calendar year. We also encourage all club members, including our new members, to invite and sponsor more people in the months ahead to enrich Rockford Rotary.
            New Member                     Sponsor
Jay Braffet                                    Linda Johnson 
Paul Von Driska                          Linda  Johnson
Corporate Members:                Nancy Kalchbrenner
   Ehren Jarrett    
   Earl Dotson Jr.    
   Heidi Dettman    
   Kelly Monson
Jennifer Stark                              Mary Ann Norwood
Rudy Valdez                                Jim Nelson
Jim Norris  (transfer)                 Linda Gerber
Daniel Sommer                         Elise Cadigan
Haddon Anderson                    Linda Gerber
Brandy Lavender                      Linda Gerber