High School Recognition
     Rockford Rotary's annual High School Recognition program was held at Memorial Hall on April 27th.  A female and a male student from each of eleven high schools in the Rockford area were recognized for not only their academic accomplishments, but also their service to their community.  Each student was asked to submit an essay and a female and male student were awarded a Burdette Anderson Memorial Scholarship.  The scholarship winners were announced by Burdette's daughters, Linda Oshita and Susan Vetrono.  This year's winners were Joselyn Kuntz from Guilford and Kyan Muhammad from Auburn.
     Congratulations to all of our honorees for their dedication and hard work.
Chairman Helen Hill welcomes everyone and explains the procedures for each school.
Burdette Anderson's daughters, Linda Vetrono and Linda Oshita announce the
Scholarship winners.
Rotarian Liz Dickinson is pictured with Paris Powell and
Richard Hart from Roosevelt.
Rotarian Nellie Miller is pictured with Courtney Park and Tyler Nally 
from Rockford Christian.
Rotarian Becky Rundquist is pictured with Shanell Jackson and George Roby
from Rockford Lutheran. 
Rotarian Paul Von Driska is pictured with Kaylyn Albert from Keith.  Not pictured
is Chris Albert who had a conflicting obligation.
Rotarian Mary Ann Norwood is pictured with Jimmy Sivonngxay and 
Makenzie McClintock from Jefferson.
Rotarian Janine Idstein is pictured with Rita Zhu and Jack Erickson from Harlem.
Rotarian Jeff Smithj is pictured with Christopher Caruana from Guilford.  Not pictured is
Joselyn Kuntz, a scholarship winner.
Rotarian Linda Johnson is with Christian Hernandez and Anna Gray from East.
Rotarian Mike Foreman with Aryn Managbanag and Joshua Burkett from Christian Life.
Rotarian Roger Maggio with Estevan Medina and Molly Ryan from Boylan.
Rotarian Jeff Fahrenwald is with Jessica Perez-Ferman from Auburn.  Not pictured is
Kyan Muhammad who was a scholarship winner.