$935.88 collected by Rockford Rotary!!!
Thank you to the Rotarians & family members who volunteered to Ring Bells for the Salvation Army's Red Kettle.  The total collected at Woodman's was $462.34 and the total for Schnuck's was $473.54
And a big Thank you Pete and Becky Rundquist who chaired this volunteer opportunity again this year.  
This year the Red Kettles were located at Woodman's on McFarland and Schnuck's on Mulford.  As you can see from the picture of Dave McClelland and Dick Leighton this is a fun way to spend two-hours. You can not have a bad day when your being thanked for volunteering and getting to watch young children put money into the Red Kettle.  And if you were one of the lucky Ringers you might have been joined by some students who sang or played Christmas music.
This is one of the wonderful volunteer opportunity that truly keeps you a warm, even if it is cold outside.