May 16th Program
Dave Costello
Rockford Rocks Sports - IceHogs
     Dave Costello is the Marketing Manager of the Rockford IceHogs.
     Dave has been with the IceHogs since October of 2021 and has been a part of an organization that has taken the level of success of the IceHogs to new heights.
     Prior to his IceHogs position Dave served at Rock Valley College's Executive Director of Marketing for 14 years.
     Dave will discuss this past season, the playoffs and also look forward to the 2025 season!
     This will be an interesting program about one of Rockford's most successful professional sports teams.  It will be a chance to invite a guest or prospective member to join us in person at Memorial Hall or via Zoom.
     Steve Malliet will continue his duties this month of introducing our presenter and acting as Rotary Host.
May 23rd Program
Rockford Rocks Sports - Rockford Rivets
     Will Oberg is in his first year as Field Manager of the Rockford Rivets Organization.
     Will served as coach for the 2023 Rivets team that recorded more wins than any other teams in Rivets history.  Currently the team looks ready to build on that success and have another banner year in 2024.
     Having recently concluded his own successful baseball career at the University of Illinois Springfield (UIS), Oberg is poised to make a significant impact in his coaching role. During his time at UIS, Oberg had the privilege of being a participant on the university’s esteemed baseball team.
     Under the guidance of Rockford’s Head Coach Vinny Tornincasa, who also served as Oberg’s batting coach. Oberg’s collegiate journey took him to various institutions, including Eastern Michigan University and Heartland Community College. These experiences provided him with a comprehensive perspective on the game, further enhancing his baseball knowledge and prowess.     
     With a combination of playing experience under skilled coaches and a diverse educational background, Oberg is well-equipped to contribute to the success of the Rockford Rivets. His passion for the sport and commitment to player development make him an invaluable addition to the coaching staff.
     As the 2024 season begins, the Rockford Rivets eagerly anticipate the positive impact that Will Oberg will have on the team’s performance and the growth of their players as a Manager.
     Will is going to discuss the team's outlook for 2024 and will bring a couple of his players to meet everyone and answer questions from the audience. 
     This will be an interesting program about one of Rockford's most successful professional sports teams.  It will be a chance to invite a guest or prospective member to join us in person at Memorial Hall or via Zoom.
     Steve Malliet will continue his duties this month of introducing our presenter and acting as Rotary Host.
President's Message
President's Message
     This week we will be doing our Peace Center Planting after Thursday’s meeting. If you have any favorite tools you like to work with please feel free to bring them (or knee pads). The planting should take a little less than an hour. Pepper Creek is donating 2 flats of flowers; Stephanie Bradley has been working hard to secure donations to help with the project.
     We also have a barrel for the Peanut Butter and Jelly Drive at Memorial Hall to help with the Rock River Valley Pantry PBJ food drive for school children over the summer months.
     Next week (May 23rd) we will be having our Board of Director Elections. If you are interested in running for a seat, please contact Pete Rundquist or Mike Foreman.
     We will not be meeting on May 30th, but we will have our Rotary Happy Hour at the University Club from 5:00pm till?
     Happy Mother’s Day!
     Pete Rundquist
Rotary Academy Final Event
     The Rotary Academy concluded another successful year with the Final Celebration held at the Embassy Suites on Monday May 6th.  Over 300 people attended and from the looks of the pictures below it was a successful event.  Congratulations to Linda Johnson and her committee for a job well done.  As this is Linda's last year as coordinator of the Rotary Academy, we thank her for all these years of service. Well done, Linda.
Registration is always hectic.
President Pete and First Lady Becky with Liz Bockman (Miss Manners), owner of Everyday Etiquette.
What a crowd and what a facility.
Mary Ann Norwood welcomes everyone.
Academy Coordinator Linda Johnson
"Miss Manners" Liz Bockman
Liz Bockman and the Etiquette winners from each school.
Tamir Bell, former Academy student, who now works for State Representative Maurice West.
The head table with representatives from Camp Winnebago.
The following are the pictures from the various schools.
New Member - Maureen Lawson
New Member - Maureen Lawson
     At our May 2nd meeting, President Pete inducted Maureen Lawson as the newest member of Rockford Rotary.  Maureen was sponsored by (who else but) Elise Cadigan.
     Maureen is an Attorney with the Lawson Law Office.  She focuses on Family Law, especially, Child Support, Custody and Orders of Divorce.
     We would encourage all of our members to meet Maureen and welcome her to Rockford Rotary.
Future Programs
Future Programs
05-16-24 - "Rockford Rocks Sports"
                  Meet the Ice Hogs
                  Dave Costello Marketing Manager
                  Host - Steve Malliet
05-23-24 - "Rockford Rocks Sports'
                  Meet the Rivets
                  Will Oberg, Field Manager
                  Host - Steve Malliet
05-30-24 - No Meeting
                  5:00 - Social
06-06-24 - "Rockford Rotary Welcomes Our Youth Exchange"
                  Ciara Staly
                  Host - TBD
06-13-24 - "The Norwegian - Starting a New Business in Rockford"
                  Emly Hurd
                  Host - TBD
06-20-24 - "Calm, Intelligent Helpers"
                  Bruce Erickson, 17th Judicial Circuit Therapy Dogs
                  Host - Jim Coffey
06-27-24 - "Order of the Shelf"
                  "Vetting, Selecting, Electing Our President"
                  Host - Eric Moe
Weekly RI Foundation Message
Each week we will be publishing a message from the Rotary International Foundation.  This week's message is:
A $100 donation to The Rotary Foundation provides textbooks for one elementary school in Zambia, hearing aids for a child in Pakistan, de-worming tablets for 112 children in the Philippines, cataract operations for three people in India, or 230 blankets for elderly people in Korea.
Can you commit to donating $100 or more per year to the Foundation to do good in the world?
Rotary Lunches
     Starting with our September 7th meeting, we will be having lunches at our noon meetings.  We will be starting with a package from Beef-A-Roo.  It will consist of a Wrap, salad, chips, cookie, and a soda or water.  There will bea variety of meats in the wraps.  This is a work in progress and things may change.  Lunches will start on September 7, 2023 and will be available at 11:45 AM the day of the meeting.
     PLEASE.  If you plan to bring a guest, PLEASE let us know 3 days in advance so we can make arrangements for food.  It will be your responsibility to cover the cost at $12.50 per meal.
     Pete Rundquist -
     President, Rockford Rotary
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May 28, 1992
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June 13, 2024
June 20, 2024
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June 27, 2024
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