September 7th Program
     Our first program of Rockford Rotary's 108th year will feature two familiar Rotarians, Past District Governor Laura Kann, and our own President Pete Rundquist.
     Laura will lead off and give a brief talk and then President Pete will talk about the "Inspiring Melbourne Convention" and then discuss his plans and goals for the 2023-24 Rotary year.
     This will also be our first meeting with lunches provided by Beef a Roo.  For the 23 members who have paid for the first quarter, the meal will consist of a wrap, salad, chips, cookie, and a soda or water.  Having had this meal at other organizations events, I can vouch for the meal and say that it is excellent.  More details about the lunch program in another article in this and future issues.
     This will be an excellent program and if the 23 members who have signed up for meals is any indication, our attendance at the weekly meetings should increase.
     As always, members are encouraged to bring a guest or prospective member to join us in person at Memorial Hall or via Zoom.  If you are bringing a guest and you want them to have a meal, notify Pete - - 3 days in advance so that arrangements can be made for food.  It will be your responsibility to cover the cost at $12.50 per meal.
September 14th Program
Rockford Refugee Support Program
     Mustafa Abdall, a new member of our Club in 2023, has been a member of the Rockford Community only since 2010 when he arrived in Rockford with his wife, Sahar, and two young children. Having been sponsored by the United Nations and the US government, Mus and his family were invited by our city to live here.  Only 13 years ago, Mus and his family were new members of our community with great dreams for their future and greater dreams for their children.
     Mustafa strongly believes in education for all, having come to the US with a BA in English and an MBA in Business Management from the University of Bagdad. Once in Rockford, he continued his love of learning as he completed an MBA in Marketing and an MA in Teaching, he is currently continuing toward the completion of his EdD in Education, Administration and Leadership Management. Mustafa’s experience, his education and his work have made him a Multicultural Expert in our community.  
    Mustafa was an ESL teacher and an international student recruiter at Rockford University, an RPS205 bilingual family support staff and tutor and a bilingual teacher of math at Lincoln Middle School. In 2022, Mustafa established “Solutions Business Center” to serve the multicultural community needs in Winnebago County as they learn how to take an idea or skill and turn it into a successful business. In 2021, Mustafa became the first Arab American elected as a Winnebago County Trustee.
     Mustafa volunteers throughout our community as he helps newcomers get to know the best of our city and how they can keep their culture while improving their lives.
     His program for our club presents the issues for refugees and immigrants coming to Rockford and how RPS205 has developed an educational approach and program to help those newcomer students participate and succeed.
     This will an interesting and informative program about a topic that we hear a lot about in the media, but do not know a lot about in our own community and our school district.  This will be a great opportunity to bring a guest or prospective member to join us in person at Memorial Hall or via zoom.  PDG Elise Cadigan will introduce our speaker and act as Rotary host.   
Rotary Lunches
     Starting with our September 7th meeting, we will be having lunches at our noon meetings.  We will be starting with a package from Beef-A-Roo.  It will consist of a Wrap, salad, chips, cookie, and a soda or water.  There will bea variety of meats in the wraps.  This is a work in progress and things may change.  Lunches will start on September 7, 2023 and will be available at 11:45 AM the day of the meeting.
     PLEASE.  If you plan to bring a guest, PLEASE let us know 3 days in advance so we can make arrangements for food.  It will be your responsibility to cover the cost at $12.50 per meal.
     Pete Rundquist -
     President, Rockford Rotary
Future Programs
Future Programs
09/28/23 - "Introduction of our Youth Exchange Student"
               - Committee Meetings
10/05/23 - "Tropical Diseases & Their World-Wide Impact"
                  Speaker - Gordon Eggers
                  Host - TBD
10/12/23 - "2023-2024 - A Rotary Year of Hope & Peace"
                  Speaker - District Governor David Emerick
                  The Annual Visit by the District Governor
                  Host - TBD
10/19/23 - "Why We Must Keep 'Eradicate Polio Now' As Our #1 Priority
                  Speaker - Bob Presman
                  Host - TBD
10/26/23 - "Service Above Self Awards"
                  Host - David Byrnes
Rockford Rotary PayPal Account
Charitable Association PayPal Account
     Rockford Rotary Charitable Association now has a PayPal account.
     You can use this to reserve your spot at our April 27 High School Recognition Program, donate to support students and parents attending the Program, donate to our book project for the Rockford Public Library, or make general donations to the Rockford Rotary Charitable Association.
The PayPal handle is @CharitableRkfdRotary
Thank you!
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