February 8th Meeting
Reducing Our Carbon Footprint
     Paul Von Driska was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. He is a graduate of the University of Illinois Champaign Urbana with an MS in Mechanical Engineering. Paul and his wife Beth live in Roscoe, IL and have one son, Michael, who is a junior at Columbia University in NYC. For those of you that like Illinois history, Beth’s Mom’s family founded Lisle, IL in 1831 and Joy Morton bought the wood lots of many of the local farmers to create the Morton Arboretum.
     Paul has worked for thirty years at Bergstrom, Inc. which is headquartered in Rockford IL. and started in downtown Rockford 73 years ago. Bergstrom Inc. is the leading global designer and manufacturer of cab climate systems for heavy duty commercial trucks, off-highway machines and specialty vehicles. Bergstrom has operations in Rockford and Joliet, IL and in the UK, Spain, and China and a Joint Venture (JV) and Design Center in India. Paul has worked in various areas of the company including Engineering, Project Management, and Business Leadership including Managing Director of Bergstrom UK for 5 years, helping create the operations in India and leading the acquisition of the operation in Spain. He is currently VP, Government Affairs and Legal, and is responsible for reviewing, negotiating and drafting of various contracts; 1/14/2022 Supply Chain Challenges 1/27/22 Program 2/3 support in mergers and acquisitions and overseeing and managing patents, trademarks and litigation matters. Prior to working for Bergstrom, he worked at Whirlpool’s Research and Engineering Center in Benton Harbor, MI and for Valeo Climate Control in Auburn Hills, MI.
     In the past decade Paul has been an active community volunteer and promoter of the Rockford region. He served on the board of Montessori Private Academy and helped build their new school. He was a co-lead of Transform Rockford’s Leadership and Youth Team, an advisory Board member of the YMCA’s Youth Development Team and a math tutor at Kennedy Middle School. In addition to being the Rotary Academy liaison for Kennedy Middle School he currently serves as a CASA.
     As the title suggests, Paul will discuss ways that we can reduce our carbon footprint.  This will be an informative and interesting program and one you will want to bring a guest or prospective member to join us in person at Memorial Hall or via zoom.  As of press time, the program committee was still looking for an appropriate Rotary host. 
February 15th Meeting
Newest Research in the Successful Treatment of Mental Illinois
     Hannah Warren, a Rockford native, will share her work in the cutting-edge field of metabolic psychiatry. Metabolic therapies provide a new treatment option for mental illness that addresses root causes and, in addition to symptom management, can lead to full remission and long-term healing.
     Hannah will share her personal experience of implementing metabolic treatments and putting her bipolar 1 disorder into remission, as well as provide an overview of the science behind metabolic psychiatry.
     She will present on her role as Mental Health Communications and Advocacy Manager with Metabolic Mind, a nonprofit initiative of Baszucki Group, that is transforming the study and treatment of mental disorders by exploring the connection between metabolism and brain health. Metabolic Mind and Baszucki Group were founded by David Baszucki, founder and CEO of Roblox, and his wife, bestselling author Jan Ellison Baszucki after their son Matthew put his treatment-resistant bipolar disorder into remission with metabolic therapies.
     Hannah will also share how she got involved in this field through her volunteer work with Dr. Christopher Palmer, a Harvard psychiatrist and author of the ground-breaking book, Brain Energy. Dr. Palmer recently became the founder and director of the Metabolic & Mental Health Program at Mclean Hospital, a top-rated, Harvard-affiliated psychiatric hospital.
     Hannah Warren is an artist, writer, and social entrepreneur. She joined Baszucki Group and its initiative, Metabolic Mind, in November 2023 as Mental Health Communications and Advocacy Manager. These organizations are focused on advancing the science of metabolic psychiatry to drive long term, systemic change in the mental health field, while equipping patients, families and clinicians with resources to implement metabolic therapies today.
     In July 2021, Hannah started ketogenic therapy and ultimately put her bipolar 1 disorder into complete remission. This experience inspired her to devote her career to disseminating the science of metabolic therapies and working to make them a first-line treatment option. Hannah serves as a volunteer with the Brain Energy Movement started by Dr. Christopher Palmer to spread awareness of the brain energy theory. Today, she actively implements treatments for neurometabolic dysfunction including ketogenic therapy, intermittent fasting, exercise and meditation.
     She has worked in the nonprofit field the majority of her career, most recently as Marketing and Development Director at Serenity Hospice and Home, a nonprofit serving terminally ill patients and their loved ones. In 2008, she founded Jhoole, an eco-fashion social enterprise that employs women in India and currently serves on its Board of Directors. She is also one of the cofounders of a Rockford-based nonprofit that operates under Jhoole’s umbrella called Inscape Collective.
     Hannah has an MA in Fashion Entrepreneurship from London College of Fashion and BA in South Asian Studies and Linguistics from the University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies. She is a recipient of a Global Grant Scholarship from Rotary International, which she used to expand Jhoole and complete her master’s program. In her free time, Hannah is working on a book about her experiences titled Radiant Beast: the Mitochondrial Pathway.
     This will be a most interesting and informative program and one you will want to invite a guest or prospective member to join us in person at Memorial Hall or via zoom.  Elise Cadigan will introduce our presenter and act as Rotary Host.
Two New Members
     Two new members were inducted into the Wesley Willows Satellite Club recently.  The new members are Brett Nelson who is the Chief Financial Officer for Wesley Willows and Jeff Reinke who is the VP of Advancement for Wesley Willows.  Pictured above are L-R - Patty Biggers, Brett Nelson, Frances Salinas, who sponsored the two new members, and Jeff Reinke.
     Welcome to Brett and Jeff and congratulations to Frances for sponsoring them.
President's Message
President's Message
We are off to a great start with our District wide food drive! We collected $135 Thursday which equals 1620 pounds of food (NIFB gave me the figure of $1.00 equals 12 pounds of food). 
Save the Dates:
February 23 - ICE HOGS game , watch for separate email
February 29 - Celebrate Jim Coffey's 21st Birthday - no meeting that day, meet at Prairie Street at 5.
March 1 - Wine Tasting - Artale, $20 entry - all goes to Rotary Charitable.
Tuesday, April 16, University Club Guest Bartender night - all tips benefit Polio Plus
Please feel free to bring a guest to any and all the listed events - the more attend, the more possible new members and/or proceeds
     Pete Rundquist
Future Programs
Future Programs
02-08-24 - "Reducing Our Carbon Footprint"
                  Paul Von Driska
02-15-24 - "Newest Research in the Successful
                    Treatment of Mental Illinois"
                  Hannah Warren
                  Host - Elise Cadigan
02-22-24 - Club Assembly
02-29-24 - No Meeting
                - 5:00 PM Rotary Social - Prairie Street Brewing Company
03-07-24 - "Rockford Concerns - Finding Solutions"
                  Mayor Tom McNamara
Weekly RI Foundation Message
Each week we will be publishing a message from the Rotary International Foundation.  This week's message is:
Our grant model is designed to produce sustainable results that align with The Rotary Foundation’s priorities and the areas of focus, engage members, and deepen their connection to Rotary. This means we:
    • Focus our service efforts where they’ll have the greatest impact by addressing genuine needs that are relevant to communities
    • Offer program options to help people achieve both local and global goals
    • Simplify Foundation processes to help more people take part
    • Give people more decision-making power at the club and district levels to increase their commitment
    • Communicate clearly about our work to enhance Rotary’s public image
The Rotary Foundation is continuing to make a difference in our world!
Rotary Lunches
     Starting with our September 7th meeting, we will be having lunches at our noon meetings.  We will be starting with a package from Beef-A-Roo.  It will consist of a Wrap, salad, chips, cookie, and a soda or water.  There will bea variety of meats in the wraps.  This is a work in progress and things may change.  Lunches will start on September 7, 2023 and will be available at 11:45 AM the day of the meeting.
     PLEASE.  If you plan to bring a guest, PLEASE let us know 3 days in advance so we can make arrangements for food.  It will be your responsibility to cover the cost at $12.50 per meal.
     Pete Rundquist -
     President, Rockford Rotary
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