Posted on Aug 28, 2017
"The devastation in Port Aransas and Port Lavaca is horrible.  Two high schools were destroyed.  Flooding is massive" per an email from District 6420 PDG Kent Mallquist, now living in South Texas. (8-27-17)
While Kent's community was 200 miles south of Harvey's storm eye, without much rain or wind, he and others in District 5930 have already begun to think about the help needed long after Harvey leaves the area.

If you want to help the areas affected by Harvey, while ensuring your donation is used locally for much needed community projects, Rotary District 5930 has organized the McAllen North Rotary Fund,  a 501(c)(3) relief fund.  
Donations can be sent to:
McAllen North Rotary Fund
c/o Rotary District 5930
501 W. Nolana
McAllen, TX  78504 
The power of Rotary is the ability to bring Rotarians and non-Rotarians together, not just for the moment, but for the long-term. Rotarians helped to rebuild communities after Katrina and that is what will happen in areas affected by Harvey.
Damage in Port Aransas