Will Wege 

Will was born in Rockford, IL and lived in Belvidere, IL till the age of 12 when he then moved across the border to Beloit, WI where he now resides.


He received a BA Degree in Economics with a Math Emphasis from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Following his undergrad graduation, he entered the MBA program at Judson University where he currently still enrolled.


In May 2017, he began to work at UTC Aerospace Systems as an intern in finance (the same employer that his father has worked for 33 years). His career aspirations are in finance (or anywhere there are numbers) but he tries to stay open minded about opportunities so who knows where he may end up. In addition to his interest in finance, he also has entrepreneurial intentions that he may act on in the future.


The reason he joined the Rockford Rotary Club was to get involved in the community and learn about Rockford. He lived in close proximity to Rockford his entire life and so he has a certain love for the city and wants to give back to the city.


His personal hobbies are any activity that keeps him active. He is a fitness enthusiast which can probably be attributed to his mother and sister; the former was a food science major and the latter is a dietetics professor at Rock Valley College. He wants to do a lot of hiking and canoeing this summer because he hasn’t previously. In addition to those activities, he likes to hunt, fish, ski and if all goes as planned, he will be taking a fishing trip to Canada in the fall of this year.