Posted on Aug 14, 2017
We call it the Family of Rotary for a reason.  Because like a family, we are interconnected and willing to go above and beyond for each other.  This was never more evident then over the last two months.
As the 2017-18 Rotary year began it was discovered that Warren Lowry had earned a PHF+1 in late 2015, but had moved away before it could be presented to him.  We knew that Warren had move to Holland, Michigan, but we had long ago lost his forwarding address.  However, never under estimate that power of the Rotary network. 
With a little research it was identified that Holland, MI had two Rotary clubs. Because all clubs are required to update their leadership data annually so it can be listed in the R.I. directory, and the directory can be accessed through the member section of the, the president and email of each club was available.  Armed with just club contact information and knowing nothing more than our lost Rotarian's name, emails went out...Was Warren a member of your club?
Now, the real magic of Rotary began.
The club presidents emailed each other, they contacted their District Governor, and after only one false identification, Warren was found. No, he wasn't a member of either club, but one of the club remembered the name as a visitor last year.  He had come with another Rotarian, and another Rotarian was a patient of his son.  Within 12 hours of the first email, Rotary had found our lost Rockford Rotarian.
The club he had visited offered to contact Warren and, if possible, present him with his pin. Yes, that would be so much better then mailing his pin, under one condition, they must email back a picture.  With that "contract" agreed to, Warren's pin was mailed and this week a picture of a smiling Warren with his pin was received... along with a membership transfer form...yes Warren had decided to join the the Rotary Club of Holland.  Just like family you are always welcome.
The presentation of Warren's PHF +1 pin at the Rotary Club of Holland (MI).
Left to Right
Paul Kleinheksel, Warren, Ed Swart, D.G. 6290, and Russ Miller, 2017-18 Pres. of Rotary Club of Holland