Posted on Aug 28, 2017
"The devastation in Port Aransas and Port Lavaca is horrible.  Two high schools were destroyed.  Flooding is massive" per an email from District 6420 PDG Kent Mallquist, now living in South Texas. (8-27-17)
While Kent's community was 200 miles south of Harvey's storm eye, without much rain or wind, he and others in District 5930 have already begun to think about the help needed long after Harvey leaves the area.

If you want to help the areas affected by Harvey, while ensuring your donation is used locally for much needed community projects, Rotary District 5930 has organized the McAllen North Rotary Fund,  a 501(c)(3) relief fund.  
Donations can be sent to:
McAllen North Rotary Fund
c/o Rotary District 5930
501 W. Nolana
McAllen, TX  78504 
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Posted on Aug 14, 2017
So just how does furniture get a new life?
It all started last year when Rockford Rotary had to vacate its office of over 20 years.  While cleaning out the office not only were there pictures of many past member, and pictures of current members when they had more hair, but also some wonderful wooden office furniture. The furniture was donated to the club by Rotarian Darlene Frust.
This furniture was so well made and still so beautiful, the club knew it would make a great addition to someone's office.  It was decided the club would try to find another non-profit who would give the furniture a new purpose.  Enter the Rockford Symphony Orchestra (RSO) who offered to adopt the furniture, promising to give it a wonderful new home.  The RSO was renovating office space and the furniture would not only be a great addition to their office, but it also save them over $1500. While there is no record of how the furniture was moved to the Rockford Rotary office, we do know that it took several young men from Youth Build to move it out.  So in the spring the furniture was moved from the Rotary office to the RSO offices and with the completion of the renovations later in the summer, a conference table with four chairs, a cadenza, and a desk began a new life. 
"Thank you to the Rockford Rotary for generously providing these pieces to the Rockford Symphony Orchestra.", said Julie Thomas, RSO Ex. Dir. "As a non-profit, in-kind contributions are essential to keeping our revenue focused on producing quality performances and education programs."
And that, is how furniture gets a New Life.
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Posted on Aug 14, 2017
We call it the Family of Rotary for a reason.  Because like a family, we are interconnected and willing to go above and beyond for each other.  This was never more evident then over the last two months.
As the 2017-18 Rotary year began it was discovered that Warren Lowry had earned a PHF+1 in late 2015, but had moved away before it could be presented to him.  We knew that Warren had move to Holland, Michigan, but we had long ago lost his forwarding address.  However, never under estimate that power of the Rotary network. 
With a little research it was identified that Holland, MI had two Rotary clubs. Because all clubs are required to update their leadership data annually so it can be listed in the R.I. directory, and the directory can be accessed through the member section of the, the president and email of each club was available.  Armed with just club contact information and knowing nothing more than our lost Rotarian's name, emails went out...Was Warren a member of your club?
Now, the real magic of Rotary began.
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Posted on Aug 01, 2017

National Night Out is observed annually throughout the United States on the first Tuesday in August. It is a community police awareness-raising event held on the same night in communities throughout the United States; and this year 10 Rotarian from the Rotary Club of Rockford were there to man the two Bounce Houses.

This year's event was held in Dahlquist Park.  The Rockford Police Department (RPD), in partnership with the Neighborhood Network of Rockford, host the event with activities, food and informational displays. The Rockford Police Department had many large vehicles for the kids to see, K-9 and Martial Arts demonstrations and even a van for art.  Many community organizations had tables to hand out information about programs for families and students.  In addition, the kids could sit in a race car, enter raffles, get give-aways and even have their face painted. 

The Rockford Rotarians had a great time talking with parents as they watched the children run between the two houses to slide, climb, toss a basket ball, and bounce on and around obstacles.  One heroic Rotarian even had to perform a rescue by climbing up the slide to retrieve a very scared little girl.

It was a great night and all the volunteers agreed they wanted to be part of year's event.

To see photos of the night click on the link:  PhotoAlbums/2017-national-night-out

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Posted on Jul 13, 2017
On July 11th, Rockford Public Schools Board of Education presented Rockford Rotarian Bob Presman, ROCKFORD READS Committee Chair, with a Certificate of Recognition for his work with ROCKFORD READS.  In the 2016-17 school year, 170 community volunteers worked one-on-one with second grade students throughout the RPS 205 system.  
ROCKFORD READS is a community volunteer reading program initiated by Rockford Rotary in 2001 to enhance the literacy development of second grade students in the Rockford Public Schools.  The volunteer and student read aloud to one another increasing the student's reading and language skills.  Since the programs inception over 3,000 students have benefited from working with ROCKFORD READS community volunteers.
To learn more about ROCKFORD READS or to become a ROCKFORD READS community volunteer visit the ROCKFORD READS page on the Rockford Rotary website.
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Posted on Jun 24, 2017
What do 4 rakes, 4 loppers, 1 mower have in common?  They are the tools of People of Action and that action was to rake, trim, weed and mow the yards of two houses on N. Central Ave. as part of Project 1013.  Project 1013 is a week long community clean up event that works with the West Gateway Coalition area on the west side of Rockford.  
The work was started in the cool of a beautiful Saturday morning, with 16 workers made up of Rockford Rotary and Rockford Rotoract members, their friends and families.  We picked up our shirts, received our assigned houses, collected our tools and headed down the street...what a sight...Sergio pushing the mower and the rest of us carrying tool. 
While we had to watch out for poison ivy, and there was some evidence of snakes in the area, we broke up into two teams making quick work of both houses. It was great to have so many new members join in the day.  While we were tired, and maybe a few of us a little sore, we enjoyed the day in Service Above Self as we worked to be a part of the community. 
Photos of the day can be found in the photo album 2017 Project 1013.
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Posted on Jun 05, 2017
PDG Robert (Bob) Newlon (Oregon Rotary Club) and IPDG Jim Nelson (Rockford Club) just returned from Costa Rica where they assisted local rotarians and community members to install UDDT (urine diversion degradable toilet).  The Rockford Rotary club, as well as several other clubs in District 6420, contributed to the cost of the supplies.  Bob and Jim paid their travel expenses and/or were hosted by fellow Rotarians and community members during the project.  These toilets were installed where there are no facilities or where old facilities have been abandoned. The toilets will divert human waste away from water supplies, supply fertilizer for gardens and crops and, most importantly, provide women and girls needed safety and privacy at night. 
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Posted on Jun 05, 2017
President Linda Johnson had a busy night on June 1st at the University Club on North Main Street. After socializing with a large number of Rotarians including new Rotaract members, she introduced the new members from the 2016-2017 Rotary year. 10 of the 14 new member added this year were on hand to tell us about themselves and why they joined Rotary.
President Johnson then formally chartered the new Rockford Rotaract Club, by presenting Rockford Rotarian Zach Buchanan, Rotaract advisor, and Bryce Johnson, Rotaract President, with the club's official Rotaract Charter. Each of the Rotaract members in attendance introduced themselves.  Rockford Rotaract meets at 6:30 on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month at Owly Oop (a sports pub on the second floor of the UW Sports Factory) 305 S. Madison St., Rockford, IL.  In the weeks between meetings members meet for non-mandatory social gathering, fun activities or community service projects.

Rotaract brings together people ages 18-30 to exchange ideas with leaders in the community, develop leadership and professional skills, and have fun through service.  In communities worldwide, Rotary and Rotaract members work side by side to take action through service. From big cities to rural villages, Rotaract is changing communities.
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Posted on May 25, 2017
After being in office for all of three weeks, Rockford Mayor Tom McNamara, visited Rockford Rotary to give us an extensive look at his vision for the future of Rockford.  He presented some of the positive things that are happening like; the Sport Core upgrades, growth in downtown businesses, renovations of buildings that include living spaces. He also did not shy away from the difficulties he and the city council will face when developing the cities' budget.  With essential services like police and fire making up close to 75% of the city budget, there isn't a lot of areas to cut, especially when things like deferred maintenance on fire stations and aging police cars. 
At the end of the presentation, President Linda Johnson and sponsor Rotarian Tom Michalowski present the Mayor with his Rotary pin and name badge making him an Honorary member of Rockford Rotary.  He thanked the Rockford Rotary, expressing his gratitude for the honor.
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